Tips for training French Bulldogs

Tips for training French bulldog


  • French bulldog training is very easy. These dogs are clever and love to play games. You will have to spend adequate time to train them. You need to know about the tips for training the French bulldog. You can have idea about the ways to begin the exercises.French bulldog training tips are as follows:
    • During the primary phases, you need to teach them about their pet space in the house where their bedding, water and food is located. You can set your place in the house and make sure that they are given appropriate meals in a day. You need to fix up time and bed time for them for the better health.
    • If the dog is doing something good, you should definitely praise him. Dog should be praised and behave in the best way. Compliments are motivators and hence, if you are using the positive words for your dog, they will behave in the best way. You should sound as if you are really pleased with what all they did. please check out these french bulldogs for sale
    • Teach your dog about the potty training methods. Set their meal times and automatically, their potty times will be settled. Set your place in the yard where he can litter or bring them to potty place after each potty time.
    • Keep the essential things for your French bulldog in their own crate. Give them comfortable blanket, water and some toys for playing. You can lock them inside the crate when you are going out from the house. You can even put food, water and potty box inside it.
    • French bulldog training should include right words for the dog. If your dog does something wrong, stop him from doing it and use the words ‘no’, ‘stop’ or ‘that’s wrong’; depending on your usability of words.
    • You should begin the training for your French bulldog from their childhood. Play with them and make them aware of that you are their boss. Don’t be too liberal with them; otherwise, they might be spoiled.
    • Be gentle while training the dog and teach him the daily things like a baby.
    • associated with these dogs for regular follow up. These dogs can’t bear hot and humid weathers and are vulnerable to heat strokes. The skin wrinkles should be cleaned after every meal as they can get skin issues due to bacteria in their wrinkles.
    • Selecting the appropriate French bulldog pupFrench bulldogs are clown faced dogs having glum faces and smile on their face. These pups have the reputation as the best companion pets. The temperament of Frenchies is easy going, even and lovable. They have pleasant association with kids and adults.French bulldogs have muscular body with heavy bones and a big head. They have smooth coating and majorly have tan or brown colors. French bulldogs are like couch potatoes and an alert nature. There are some facts associated with the French bulldog puppies:

      Major considerations

      Issues with short face

      This breed has the health problems due to their face structure. You need to keep them away from the direct smoke, chemicals, allergic reactions and such issues. They can also get issues in change of weather and should be carefully handled during that phase. There should be veterinary doctors

    • General health issuesThere are many dogs facing health problems for bulldogs due to inherent problems. There are many probabilities of heart, joint, spinal cord and eye diseases associated with this breed. Always prefer the puppies from the renowned breeder to avoid any health issues.Obstinacy

      The bulldog puppies are manipulative and stubborn. They need training or exercising on regular basis. You need to show them that you are the boss and they should behave properly with you. Most of the homeowners use food as a motivator to train the dogs for different tasks and activities. They should be refrained from becoming fat and unhealthy and mild exercising or walk is mandatory for them to keep them good in health.

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